Music and Alzheimer’s: Love Matters the Most

Winter Oak by Adam Wolpert

New article!  Ten Things to Remember When Your Loved One has Alzheimer’s

Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s?  I know it can be a tough journey.  As I have been working with music and people with memory loss for the  past three years, I have also been observing and learning about the process for the family members. Obviously, it is hard for those who suffer from these devastating neurological disorders, but it is also an enormous challenge for families on so many levels.

How can they keep enjoying time with their loved one?   How can they reach them?  How should they think about the situation?  How can they grow themselves, even with the feelings of loss and change?  I am so often moved by the courage, tenacity, and especially the love of spouses and children who care for their loved ones.

I am excited to share  some insights and reflections about this in a new article, Ten Things to Remember When Your Loved One has Alzheimer’s.

Would love to hear your thoughts and any further insights!


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