Sky and water tonight

Thanks to Derek Sivers for the cool idea of a Now page. I think everyone should have one, and this is my first attempt!   Click here for more about Now pages.  

I am taking on more and more of the music healing work in the Olympia area, singing and playing guitar for elders.  I especially love the private one-to-one work.  I have had some ongoing health issues (respiratory, so singing can be an issue) that have made me cautious about taking on much new work, but I feel I can branch out and take on a few more hours.  

Brian and I put out a new Waterwitch CD this summer that took us three and a half years to complete.   We are really proud of it and it was worth the blood, sweat, and tears.  Maybe the blood shedding was metaphorical, but sweat and tears for sure.    So now we are working to get it further into the world through whatever streams we can manage. Brian is doing most of the promo work, for which I am grateful. Neither of us much enjoy promoting art, but we are determined to at least get it to some ears who will enjoy it, as we dig it so much ourselves.  

I have also been writing a slew of new songs. Some of them have been custom songs promised for people who were generous donors to our latest project. The songs are for such a wide variety of ages and sorts of folks. These have been very interesting to write.  At the beginning, it felt like “work,” something I had to do whether I felt like it or not.  This is not how it feels normally when I write songs:  it  is just something I feel compelled to do  and love to do.   But then a turning point happened with each of them.  A  dial clicked, the fire flamed, it got real and it got exciting…and also at that point, it became clear that the song was also for me!  It makes me ponder on how much more we have in common than we realize in our different passages through life.  I wouldn’t have thought a song for an 6 year old, a 19 year old, and a 45 year old would have much to do with me or each other, but I was wrong.  We are all in transition, and we all have the same basic stuff to learn, though with different emphases.  

And then other new songs besides, including a co-write with two women friends about the way-back past, processing some stored emotional raw material in a country song. (Where else?) It’s called “Another Notch in Your Belt.”  We’ll  get that out in the world before too long, it’s mostly tracked so just figuring out other production choices.  Three new rockers, so the rock chick in me ain’t dead yet. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby! So Brian and I are one-by-one getting those recorded in the cracks of life. 

Falling in love with the ukulele: ok, ok, I GET it now, Everybody!  They are very cool.  We took a tiny one with us backpacking and even though it was a pretty bad one that didn’t quite tune up right, I started a song around the campfire. Which I will get to work on when my website re-vamp isn’t taking all my attention!  The song is running in regular rotation on the radio station inside my head.  Looking forward to bringing the uke, the banjo, and the celtic harp into the elder work this fall and winter.  Need a sonic break from the guitar now and then.  

Yeah, winter is coming, the rains are already here in the Northwest.  So glad we got in a backpacking trip to the Skokomish river after labor day! It was perfect, as perfect as the tail end of summer can be. Chanterelle mushrooms for dinner, beautiful weather, big trees (me and one grandmother below), and we had the place to ourselves. I love the Skok.

My intention this winter is to complete the book I have been working on, compiling and organizing the essays I have written about my process and observations with the musical healing work. I have quite a few at this point but need to see how they fit together.  I know there will be more.  

Publishing is a big deal and a new venture.  It is coming from the depths of me, and I feel confident about the writing itself…but I know there are things about any world that must be learned to be navigated. I did publish a short story a very long time ago, but I have lots to learn about the beeswax end of things. I have not decided whether to try to get a publisher or to self-publish. I would rather get a publisher if I can–and from my own “market research” (responses to posts on Facebook) I do think there is a desire and need for it.

Maybe because music is important to all of us, and maybe because every one of us are either old…or going to be old one day, should we live that long.   

So things to decide, and more writing to do too.

September 18, 2019