December 27, 2020

It’s winter again in the northwest, cold and rainy with the rare bit of gleeful sunshine between the squalls.  Strange doesn’t cover it for 2020, and I expect 2021 will have its own flabbergasting weirdness.  Our illusions of control are shattered.  In fact, my sense of “self” is rather shattered!  Is yours?  Who am I, and how do I fit in the world these days?  Some of the ways I used to define myself no longer fit.  That sometimes feels uncomfortable and even a little lonely, but I also like breaking free of self-definitions that are stupid or otherwise limiting.  New possibilities emerge, which is very cool.  We—all of us alive right now–are truly writing history together as we simply live our lives, being part of a high voltage current of change.

Speaking of change…the illusion that things do not change has also shattered for me and for most people.  Who knows what happens next in America, where I live?   I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow.  It is a wild ride.  But stuff changes all the time, whether we notice it changing so drastically or not.  So it’s really just a chance to awaken to the truth a bit more.

Question assumptions.  Always a good starting place for understanding.

Amidst the chaos and swirl, I find my grounding in art and in Vipassana meditation, and in being outside amidst the wild and green-growing fellow earthlings.  Also in forgetting everything except what I can give in a moment to another sentient being.  It’s like a magic trick to take my mind off my little problems:  empty mind, and then just love.

Health has been an ongoing issue but I am making progress.  I remember when I was younger, I thought that “old” people talking about their health problems all the time was so boring.  I mean, the excruciating detail, on and on!  Who needs to know?  So I won’t do that.  Because even if I was young and dumb and not super compassionate, I was also right:  it really is pretty boring!   Let’s just say that I now understand why people spend so much time talking about their health when it’s not perfect.  Problem solving and new patterns in health do take up a big space in my brain.  It seems very interesting to me, but I’ll spare you the deets except to say that I am not dying (except in the general way that we all are dying) so don’t worry about me.  I am in a healing process!

Just one health detail, being of a positive nature:  I love intermittent fasting!  I have more energy, and that is fantastic.

We are working on making lyric videos to new songs and old songs, we are working on recording new songs and old songs, archiving and remastering little gems, and yeah, I keep writing new ones!  All of it is fun, except the computer vortexes of pain that always happen.  Working with musicians remotely has been also been wonderful.

Anyone interested in contributing to the videos with footage, we would love to collaborate!  Just let me know.

I’m also coalescing the chapters of my book about music and elders.  Here is my latest bit of writing, about a lovely lady named Almira and also some bits about my dad:

I Love You Truly – Elizabeth Hummel

Here is the hot off the press video Brian and I just made!

Notch in Your Belt

Keep loving…finding grace in the precious moments…may we meet up sometime in 2021!